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Here is how to launch your products

Ideas and Patents

· If you have a patent on your ides or have already applied for a one,  you have already gone far enough and the time is NOW to start your prototype. The more you wait and wonder how good you idea is, the less chance you have to make it to the market.

· Stop thinking and call us immediately, we will sign an NDA with you and proceed.

· If you have just a mere idea and not sure where to go, also call us and we will direct you.

Initial Consultation

· Free initial consultation

· You can consult with us free as long as you need until you develop enough confidence in your own invention and get ready to start the first step towards your prototype and production. 

· We will never pressure you or make you uncomfortable

Feasibility Analysis

· Due to our extremely low-overhead, we can even afford an initial free feasibility study on your idea to assess the cost of development and production and potential market.

· Once we enter into an agreement, we will do a detailed feasibility study for a minimal fee to obtain a much more realistic assessment on your invention development and production.  We, then, continue with the subsequent phases of the development service.

Entering a Multi-phase Agreement (Contract)

· After singing your NDA and going through all the initial free consultation and simple feasibility study, you engage RnD G’s by signing a multi-phase contract.

· The fist phase , Phase-A, is the detailed feasibility analysis as explained above.  Should you decide to proceed further, the fees of this first phase will be applied to the next phase .

· Phase-B is the initial design including the basic functional block diagram and operational flowchart to resemble the entire product.  Once you approve it, we will move to the next phase.

· Phase-C is a proof of concept where you see the bulk of the actual product partially assembled in a course format for the sole purpose of getting a realistic feeling about the whole idea.

· The process continues one phase at a time until you reach production.

· All phases with detailed deliverables including exact fees and delivery timetable will be furnished upfront in one comprehensive contract.

· The reason we break the entire development process in phases is to help our clients control the pace of their timetable and expenditure.

Fees Schedule

· We charge low upfront payments to basically pay for the actual cost of development including material and basic one-time expenditures.

· We also include a reasonable royalty which is  a fixed percentage of the net profit of the product sales when it is released to the market. This is the actual time when we really make money. The better we make the product, the more you make money, the more we make as well.

· If for whatever reason we believe your product is not marketable, we will save your time and money at the very early stage.  We are interested in long term relations.

Life Time Commitment

· Part of our royalties is to keep your product the leader in the market by upgrading it as often as necessary free of charge for the life of the product. 

· Our philosophy is that the longer the product stays in the market, the longer we all benefit. Period.

Long Story Short

· Consult with us free, enter a multi-phase agreement with minimal fees, we develop your product and help walk you to production and market, you make money and we take a part of it. That simple.

Just call and speak with G1