the ultimate source for all your inventions and innovative hardware, firmware, software, and electronic product development and prototyping

· We are a network of engineers, professionals and professors of various engineering and business backgrounds and specializations graduated from reputable universities, many with Masters and Doctorate degrees.

· We are specially unique in working together to take your idea from a mere concept to a prototype to mass production— Yes, and everything else in between.

· The company is founded on the following main principles:

· General research and development house to serve inventors achieve their goals without having to invest a fortune to get started.

· We charge minimal fees upfront to pay for the actual development process without any significant cost mark up. We mainly earn money from the actual product when it hits the market based on a fixed percentage of the net profit.

· We commit to continue developing your product and keep it the leader in the market to maximize your net profit. The more you make, the more we make.

· We take special pride in what we do and deliver to our clients

· The company’s name is Research and Development G’s Inc., where G stand for our team members, Geeks, Genies, Geniuses, Giants, Gurus, etc. All these G’s have been carefully selected, invited and appointed by the founder, president and CTO of the company, G1.

· The company was established in Florida in 2005.

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